Fort Rotterdam

  • Kegiatan Rafting di Toraja

    Official Site of South Sulawesi Province Tourism Departement, mulai isi artikel ...

  • Pantai Lowita Pantai Cantik di Kota Pinrang

    Setelah potensi wisata  Air Terjun Kali Jodoh dan Permandian Air panas Sulili kali ini  Kabupaten Pinrang menawarkan objek wisata baru yakni Pantai Lowita. Terletak di ...

  • Takabonerate Island Expedition VII

    Takabonerate Island Expedition VII is an annual event of marine tourism exploring the beauty of Kepulaua Selayar (Selayar Isles) with festival avtivities Ekspedisi kepulauan ...

  • Takabonerate National Park

    Takabonerate National Park is named after an atol which is named to be the 3rdbiggest atol in the world. There are hundreds of islets either habitated or just empty floating lands ...

  • Tanjung Bira

    Tanjung Bira, located in District Bonto Bahari, about 40 km from the Bulukumba capital . The beach is known for its white sand is very convenient and easy to reach. Tanjung Bira ...

  • Takabonerate

    Critters districts surrounded by the ocean so it is just suitable for District Maritime and into diving attractions on the east coast there is a beautiful marine park and Jammeng ...

  • Losari Beach

    Set foot in the city of Makassar would be complete if not down the beach Losari, the iconic beach promo tour in many cities of Makassar. Losari beach is a beach which is located ...

  • Kapoposang Island

    Kapoposang island is one Spermonde island . The island has a solid cluster of coral reefs and beautiful, in it there is a beautiful fish with a variety of colors and a variety of ...





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