Terumbu Karang di Pantai Bonetapalang di Kep. Selayar

Tari Pepe-pepeka ri Baine


Pepe pepeka dance is the traditional dance from Makassar etunigue “pepe means fire and ri Makka means Holy Mecca. The dance inspires by the history of Ibrahim A.S. Prophet, who was burned by the Namru King. However, by the greatest power of Allah SWT, the fire which covered the prophet body turn into water. This is the history behind the created of the dance from Gowa – Tallo Kingdom in Makassar.

The dance created as Islam declared as official religion of Gowa-Kingdom in 1605 to 1607 M.

During years, the Kingdom of Makassar re-formed all their systems and put Islam as their main fundamental life guidance in all sectors.

Besides for entertainment, the dance also associated as media to support the mission to expand Islam as the main religion in Gowa-Tallo Kingdom in 17 century.

Pepe-pepeka as an attraction, it performs in all events, both local and international. In addition, this traditional dance has performed in white house, USA. The dance is not a magical attraction. It’s purely contain religious view from all movements show by the dancer.



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